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Summer 2007
“With summer’s passing begins the annual transition to the fall hunting season. Wow, it’s the last week of August!  Notice how the nightshave been noticeably cooler of late?  Yep, summer is winding down, and fall is imminent…”

An Afternoon on the lake icing Wallies with the Fishin’ Magician®

Spring 2008
“Enterprise columnist Brent Kruger, the Fishing Magician®, recently invited me out for a day of ice fishing. I initially declined based on my past experiences. Normally to me ice fishing equates to temperatures in the minus 30s and high winds. I am not a fan of either…”

Fishin’ Magician® back for summer with weekly fishing reports.

Summer 2008
“Fishin’ Magician®
Brent Kruger is back in the pages of Enterprise for his seventh consecutive summer fishing season.  Kruger’s weekly fishing report for Lake of the Woods and the Winnipeg River is a must read for anglers who want…”

Office on the Lake of the Woods Fishin Magician® Style

Summer 2008
“It was just another morning at the office for Kenora Fishin’ Magician® Brent Kruger and the sponsors of the Wholesale Sports Outdoor Outfitters fishing show…”

An ice place to visit: Frigid Red River becomes winter fishing hot spot

January 2010
“SELKIRK — While most people hide from the cold and try to stay warm, there is a strange breed of Manitobans whose enthusiasm rises as the temperature drops…”
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